There are lots of activities you can do at home without the expense of special tools, workbooks or programs that will actively engage your child in learning and help keep their school skills sharp. They will not even notice they are learning because they will enjoy these projects so much.

Before you start your summer vacation and wander around with your family, get yourselves the Atlanta CityPass that will give you instant admissions to the most popular attractions in the city. The Atlanta CityPass not only gives you great savings on cash, but also helps you save on time as you no longer need to fall in line for tickets for every attraction. The Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, High Museum of Art, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta History Center and Fernbank Museum of Natural History are just some of the places you can go to with the Atlanta CityPass.

As a property manager in Keystone, Colorado for over 7 years and someone in love with the area, it has always baffled me that Vail and Breckenridge steal the spotlight for vacation resorts in Colorado. Certainly these resort areas are terrific and offer much for any visitor. But the lesser-known and visited Keystone is growing in popularity and is beginning to be discovered.

Assign chores. How about having your kids help around the house with jobs that you don't have time for during the school year – clean out broken toys or box up outgrown school clothes. Have them run small errands or go to the corner grocery store. Let them keep the change and buy themselves a treat. They might even like having the independence and responsibility.

The test that most mechanics and auto shops use for thorough full testing is to check opening temperatures by suspending thermostats pellet part down in a container of water. The thermostat must be completely submerged and must not touch the container sides or bottom. It is most important for a full and accurate testing that a fully accurate thermometer be employed. Again in a similar manner the thermometer unit must not touch container sides or bottom.

An extended vacation will not only give you the time to enjoy the area that you are visiting fully, but to do and see much more than on a typical trip. In exotic areas like jungles and beaches, there is often more to see than the landscape, but very little time to spend exploring the different locations. Extending a vacation to more than a few days will give you the chance to fully relax and take part in many different activities, depending on your interests. The beauty of vacations is that they can be exactly as you want - giving you, as the traveler almost complete control over every aspect of the trip.